An Open-Source Voice Assistant for Biosciences Research

Now that my lockdown exams are finally done (for now!), it is time for me to focus on my MSc project. I am going to build a voice assistant for scientists working in laboratories (think Alexa, but for the labs).

I will be building the solution using the Mycroft AI platform, which is an open-source voice assistant. Functionality is added to the voice assistant in the form of ‘skills’ that are developed in Python. I hope to give the assistant the ability to read out lab protocols, perform common calculations, set timers and alarms, transcribe voice notes and send messages between lab team members.

I will try to post some updates on here outlining my progress towards the goals (not much real content, in case Turnitin tries to flag me for plagiarism).

Hugh Williams
Hugh Williams
Computer Science MSc Student and Freelance Copyeditor

My interests include voice technologies, FOSS and synthetic biology.