Blog Post from within Org-roam

Blogging from within org-roam

Continuing on with my learning process re: Emacs, orgmode and blogging, I am trying to write this blog post from within my newly set up org-roam directory. We shall see whether it works.

Org-roam builds on the Zettelkasten note-taking model. Essentially, whenever one reads (or watches, listens etc.), salient points from the content should be taken down into a note. So far, so simple? From what I can understand, the next part of Zettelkasten is what sets it apart, the note should then be linked back to other notes on the same or similar topics. In the org-roam visualisation the links are directional, but in reality they can be navigated in both directions, the end result should be a web of notes. David B. Clear has written a nice explanation, which is much more comprehension than mine, find it here.

Given the freedom of having all of my org-roam notes in a single directory with no structure, I am leaning into collecting essentially all of my writing into this folder (potentially not project-related matters). This includes posts for my newly setup blog: I am writing this post in an org file in the roam directory, when it is saved ox-hugo exports it into my site’s folder structure as a new post and it is ready to go live.

Hugh Williams
Hugh Williams
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