A Radio Skill for Mycroft

As part of the learning process for my MSc project, I have set up a Raspberry Pi running Mycroft in my bedroom. This will partly be useful for debugging skills that I design for the lab assistant, but was also just a fun learning exercise. Anyways, I got it all set up fine and managed to get various functionality going (alarms, timers, Spotify); however, I found that there was no radio functionality (either built-in or in the Mycroft marketplace). Therefore, I set about trying to implement a simple skill of my own.

The skill, which is available on Github, uses the pyradios wrapper for the radio-browser.info API and the Common Play Framework implemented in Mycroft Core. It is pretty rudimentary currently, users can either ask for a specific station, for example, “Play BBC Radio 4”, or a genre of radio station.

In the future I hope to implement some functionality to flesh out the skill (I have since found various other implementations that I will use for inspiration). I also want to try out using the Behave integration testing setup that the Mycroft team have written as preparation for my project.

Hugh Williams
Hugh Williams
Computer Science MSc Student and Freelance Copyeditor

My interests include voice technologies, FOSS and synthetic biology.